PR, and the End of the summer blues?

Some people shudder at the thought of summer coming to end, but not me. I love all that is associated with the warm and sunny months, including the last week of August. However, I equally love the start of September – the busiest time at our shop and most PR and social media agencies. I love that energy and enthusiasm required by PR and creative professionals to gear-up for that home stretch of the calendar year. Here are five reasons why we should be happy about entering the last week of August:
First, busy is good and the last week of August (and Labor Day weekend fast approaching!) represents the arrival of the busiest time. Think I’m wrong? Watch the news that breaks in the first three weeks of September, and most of those announcements/updates/etc.

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Matter Chatter

When opportunity knocks…and no one answers

The entire New England region was transfixed with the Market Basket drama. Like a miniseries, there was hardly a way to avoid the news coverage, protesting part-timers or the honking MB Groupies who made their opinion known about the family debacle.
This isn’t about any of them.

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Graphical Content

A Website Costs HOW Much?!

Smashing Magazine, a go-to source for design and web topics and resources, recently posted an article that speaks to the challenges facing any web design firm (or client searching for a firm) to rationalize the price tag behind a new website.

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