Did you budget for creative? Four reasons why now is the time.

It’s the time of the year when PR and social media leaders plan programs for the year ahead, and it’s also the time when they secure the funds to execute those programs. Forward-thinking and experienced communications professionals will build on an already-successful foundation and find ways to enhance the way they are telling their organization’s story. That’s where creative comes in. Whether it’s through high-impact infographics, compelling videos or marketing-driven microsites, creative content is proven to engage target audiences on a deeper level.
Need more convincing? Here are four reasons why you should set budget aside for adding creative to your existing PR and social media program:

Your audience reacts to visual content.

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Matter Chatter

Why Public Relations Pros Should Still Subscribe to the Local Paper

Public relations and journalism are two careers that are closely related. For those who are less familiar, in my line of work it’s part of the job to stay up to date on local, national, international and trade news. The more familiar you become, the more you know who writes certain kinds of stories and what each reporter is interested in.

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Graphical Content

Video variety is the spice of life

(Un)fortunately, there isn’t an exact science to the immediately known success of one type or style of video. Aside from the obvious attributes that make a video – messaging, talent, music, art, tone, etc. – there are an infinite number of directions to take a video: informational, advertorial, testimonial, event coverage, explanatory, and so on.

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