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Gentlemen, Start Your Mustaches!

Beginning this morning, I’m joined by a number of guys at our PR and social media firm Matter Communications who are participating in the Movember initiative, a program designed to raise awareness (and funds!) for various forms of men’s cancer, including prostate and testicular, to name only a couple. The Movember Foundation encourages men to grow mustaches to spark conversation and raise money for its men’s health programs – and it’s a perfect initiative for us as the gang here at Matter likes sparking conversation and raising money, too!
This weekend marked the beginning of the month-long mustache-growing challenge.

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Matter Chatter

What’s in a Word? Adding Definition to Public Relations

I like words. I like them as communicative devices. I like them as sounds. I like them as symbols. Words can represent a great deal more than the message they’ve been strung together to express, and you’ll find that most people in marketing and design agree – hence the massive level of attention we heap onto strategic things like keyword research, brand messaging and content development.

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Graphical Content

How Doing Good in Online Video Can Help Your Brand Do Well

I find all too often that companies are using online video as a means to hammer home their services, products, values, and messaging- and just that.

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