Defensive Brand Strategy .Sucks

A topic related to domain names has been raising eyebrows – and plenty of questions – in marketing circles lately. Soon people will be able to purchase the .sucks top-level domain, and in doing so potentially create problems for brands and their hard-earned reputations.
Specifically, pundits are debating about the decision to acquire – or not – web addresses ending in .sucks as a preventive measure to protect a brand’s integrity and reputation. Should Panera, for example, acquire “” to prevent others from potentially hijacking brand equity and creating PR nightmares? What should Walmart do? How about Comcast?
Having discussed this topic with the PR and social media management team here at Matter, I thought to share some opinion and perspective:
Acquiring .

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Matter Chatter

Keeping up with the Blogosphere

Don’t quote me on this statistic, but I think I can assume that roughly 90% of brands or companies out there work with bloggers in some capacity. Whether it’s working closely with them on announcements or campaigns, sending them product, inviting them to headquarter events or creating fun videos to showcase specific initiatives.

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Graphical Content


As mobile devices continue to dominate how users are viewing the web, Google has announced that as of April 21st whether a site is mobile-friendly will begin to have a “significant impact in our search results”. While Google has used this criteria for years, it has been seen as a much more ambiguous factor.

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