PR Agency Culture: Play to Win!

Work hard and play hard. While so cliché, that expression accurately describes the tone at many PR and social media agencies – and Matter Communications is no exception. We embrace the philosophy that office-wide extra circular activities ensure that our PR professionals are engaged with not only clients (during the day and thereafter), but also with each other.
And, we take the topic a bit further by empowering our staff to organize these activities – and one another! Just last week our office received a note from Kaitlyn Ethier encouraging the wider group to jump-in to a second night of pick-up basketball. The initiative – like the plethora of other weekly happenings – is encouraged by senior management but run by the staff. And, that’s what makes them special.

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Matter Chatter

Using Social Media to Empower Prospective Customers

During a time when most of our newsfeeds are filled with duck-face selfies, people airing dirty laundry, and hash tags galore, social media is catching a lot of flack, perhaps deservedly so, for being futile and self-indulgent.

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Graphical Content

How Colors Influence Buying Habits

Do you ever find yourself in a store deciding on a product that has multiple brand options to choose from? I have found myself in this situation more times than I’d like to admit. I will read the benefits of each item, and possibly look up some reviews, but more often than not, the winning factor is the package design.

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