5 Things PR Agencies Stopped Doing

Years ago it was a simpler time for PR firms. You’d land a client, find the right news hook, set up a media tour and hit the road to visit analysts and journalists. Then, you’d count up all the news clippings, put them in a big, shiny book, and slam it on the table during the next quarterly agency review. The louder the sound of the book, the better the odds of continuing the relationship.
Sure, that’s an oversimplification, but it’s not far off from the way it was. Here are some basic things about PR agency life that have changed in the past 10 years:
Media tours – The days of booking massive, expensive, travel-intensive road shows are largely over.

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Matter Chatter

Keep your PR healthy when an agency is no longer an option

With many clients running startups and strapped for cash, it’s a hard loss for our team and our client when they have to put a midstream stop to the PR program. Media relations takes time. Although PR is so much more than just media relations, for many of our clients, media coverage is the golden ring. Dropping the ring when it’s in hand is especially frustrating.

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Graphical Content

A Website Costs HOW Much?!

Smashing Magazine, a go-to source for design and web topics and resources, recently posted an article that speaks to the challenges facing any web design firm (or client searching for a firm) to rationalize the price tag behind a new website.

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