Matter Communications is a top integrated public relations, social media and creative services firm headquartered north of Boston in Newburyport, Massachusetts, with thriving offices in Boston, Providence, Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2003, we are a vibrant and fast growing company making a major impact in public relations.   We are experts in story-telling. That means getting your message out and heard, leveraging the power of media both online and offline.  We have in-house graphic design capabilities as well as video and live broadcast services for projects big and small.

Here’s Matter Communications at a glance:

  • Founded in 2003 by Scott Signore
  • Headquartered in Newburyport, MA with offices in Boston, Providence, Portland, OR and Boulder, CO
  • More than 120 smart and vibrant employees who have things to say
  • We offer a full suite of integrated public relations services, both online and offline
  • More than 110+ clients, ranging from large to small brands and across industries including high tech, consumer products, B2B, health care and more
  • Studio-C, our in-house creative group includes graphic and web design and a state of the art video production studio
  • Three active blogs:
    • PR Whiteboard – a blog by CEO Scott Signore about PR industry topics and events
    • Matter Chatter – an in-house blog about various PR subjects and current events
    • Graphical Content – our creative team blogs about the artistic side to storytelling
  • An award winning agency, with unparalleled growth and expertise
  • Named PR Agency of the Year (x7) and “Best Place to Work“ (x6)



People in need matter. Helping hands matter.  Matter believes that our communities are stronger when we all give a little something back, and that doing so is simply the right thing to do. From top to bottom our staff is committed to making a difference for those in need. Helping hands matter.


Matter Communications = PR Goodness

PR Firm Matter Communications is where mediocrity goes to die. Our sparkling culture and brainy crew thrives when the going gets tough, and plays hard when the work is done. We infuse creativity, visual content and social media engagement into all of our PR programs, and tally up the results with pride – and a leaping high five.


Matter is top PR agency located in four great cities including Newburyport, Boston, Providence, Portland, Oregon, and Boulder, Colorado.

Boston, MA
Boulder, CO
Newburyport, MA – Headquarters
Portland, OR
Providence, RI

Awards & Testimonials

The Matter team continuously strives for excellence and it feels great to get industry recognition and client kudos.

Work With Us

A career at Matter is empowering. Our employees gladly enter us in Best Places to Work competitions and we’ve won three times.

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