best-places-to-workBrains, guts and gusto. The holy trinity of traits we look for in Matter PR professionals. We’re looking for people that punch above their weight class. We covet folks who don’t put themselves before the greater good of the client or their teams. Do you scribble down ideas on napkins when out for drinks? Do you write like the wind and have powers of persuasion? Can you laugh at yourself when the chips are down and not get too high on yourself when you land the big story? You might just fit in at Matter.

Bring it on. Come join the PR agency The Boston Globe has named a “Top Place to Work” in Boston three times.


People in need matter. Helping hands matter. Matter believes that our communities are stronger when we all give a little something back, and that doing so is simply the right thing to do. From top to bottom our staff is committed to making a difference for those in need. Learn more about helping hands matter and join us! 

Why Work at Matter

PR Firm Matter Communications is where mediocrity goes to die. Our sparkling culture and brainy crew thrives when the going gets tough, and plays hard when the work is done. We infuse creativity, visual content and social media engagement into all of our PR programs, and tally up the results with pride – and a leaping high five.

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