Vibrant. That’s the best word to describe Matter’s thriving, eclectic culture. It’s not as chaotic as the trading floor of Wall Street, but neither is walking the halls at Matter a stroll through the local library. Brainy people zip around doing all manner of time-sensitive things, and ideas bounce off the walls like you’d imagine at a creative ad firm. Except we’re a PR firm. And a social media agency. And a creative services firm. And we love what we do.

The Boston Globe recently wrote about Matter’s culture, which includes nice bennies such as “Summer Fridays,” which means when the mercury rises we cut out early for nice, long, sun-soaked weekends. We also have a beer keg on tap in the kitchen. Cheers to culture!


People in need matter. Helping hands matter.  Matter believes that our communities are stronger when we all give a little something back, and that doing so is simply the right thing to do. From top to bottom our staff is committed to making a difference for those in need. Helping hands matter.

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PR Firm Matter Communications is where mediocrity goes to die. Our sparkling culture and brainy crew thrives when the going gets tough, and plays hard when the work is done. We infuse creativity, visual content and social media engagement into all of our PR programs, and tally up the results with pride – and a leaping high five.

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