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We hit our goal of 500 hours!

The truly fortunate are those who give back.

Matter believes that our communities are stronger when we all give a little something back, and that doing so is simply the right thing to do. From top to bottom our staff is committed to making a difference for those in need. Whether walking to help victims of domestic violence, serving food at local soup kitchens or rallying our troops for annual food drives, Matter is always looking to lend a hand.

We don’t do it for publicity or pats on the back. We do it because helping people enjoy a higher quality of life is in itself the reward. It inspires us. It solidifies us as a team. We feel empowered to be able to make a difference at work and outside of it, and that the two often overlap.  

Giving back is the right thing to do, so we do it often and will continue to make charitable works a key underpinning of our approach to work and life.

People in need matter. Helping hands matter. 


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