10 reasons why working in PR rocks

By Matter

Today I came across an article on 10 reasons why working in PR is tough. The author, Andrew Worob, was careful enough to include a disclaimer that (of course) many other professions are much more challenging, and he just wanted to have a little fun and acknowledge the many reasons we PR pros often end our days collapsing onto a couch or bar stool, grateful to have survived another day. That said, I agreed with most of the reasons he listed — the demands, sporadic schedules, and pressures of not just doing the job, but doing it well, can seem quite overwhelming at times. But my experience has been that the rewards are just as astounding. So with that, I give you my 10 reasons why working in PR rocks:

10. You’re never bored. Whether you’re working on multiple clients or just one with multiple challenges, the pace and the problem-solving skills required in PR ensure that no day is ever a dull one.

9. You’re always learning something. Smart PR professionals dive head-first into their clients’ industries, most of the time having to absorb ideas and acronyms that are completely unfamiliar. Our brains get a lot of exercise.

8. You get to be creative. One of my favorite parts of working in a PR agency is the brainstorming, coming up with big ideas, offering plans and recommendations, and then figuring out how to “wow” everyone from the client to their customers and the media who we’re hoping will cover them.

7. Nothing is more satisfying than securing big hits. Sure, it can be mind-numbingly frustrating to pitch and pitch and follow-up and even after you’ve secured the interview, nothing is guaranteed to come out the way you (and your client) want or expect it to. But when it does? Exhilarating.

6. Okay – one thing is more satisfying: securing big clients. Going after new business is exciting and it takes a lot of effort. In the PR world, it’s nice not only because of the added revenue it brings, but also because it’s a fantastic, validating feeling when a company or organization puts that kind of trust in you and realizes what a positive impact you can (and will) have on their business.

5. The people. Let’s face it, we’ve all said at one time or another that it takes a certain kind of personality to do this job. We’re a fun, smart bunch.

4. What other jobs allow you to tweet, update Facebook and read blogs…and call it work?

3. There are a lot of career growth opportunities. If you’re ambitious and prove yourself, you won’t be stuck doing admin tasks or glossed over by those above you on the food chain. We’re all strapped for time and talent, so we are always looking to groom and propel those who are good at what they do.

2. To your friends and family, your job is a little bit “mysterious.” Admit it, most of us explain what we do time and time again, and it doesn’t sink in to many of our loved ones. While some say this is annoying, I say embrace it.

1. It just is. I love my job…and I bet most of you do, too.