Month: January 2012

The Big Three-Oh!

Do I smell cake? Two members in our Providence office, myself and Julie Sellew-Kruger, are turning 30 in the coming week.  But rather than commiserate the demise of my 20’s, I decided to celebrate the big three-oh by sharing with you what I consider to be the Top 30 Do’s and Don’ts of working in PR.  Thirty is such a nice, round number after all.

A PR shipwreck we can all learn from

By now everyone has heard about the Costa Concordia shipwreck off the coast of an Italian island, and it has not been good news. After nearly two weeks, the cruise line is still making national headlines. While I have little experience in crisis communications, I know there are plenty of public relations lessons to be learned from this particular crisis.

Communities Matter in Social Media Management

Newburyport, Mass. – Matter Communications has created Communities Matter, a service offering aimed at building and maintaining positive relationships for clients in the online communities that matter most. The program’s elements cover a range of planning and execution needs, including: setting goals; creating content; day-to-day engagement and community growth; integration with customer service standards; and measuring success.

#McDStories – A Social Media Campaign Gone Wild

I’m sure you’ve seen all the ballyhoo around McDonald’s #McDStories campaign that has backlashed in a big way.   Designed to get followers sharing their favorite stories about the brand, people took to Twitter to share instead their disgust and distaste for the Big Mac of fast food.  There’s a public relations lesson here, and not just for one of the world’s biggest consumer brands.

Work, Play and Social Good Matters

What do I love most about public relations? People work hard to play hard. PR people are a special breed – including us “agency-folk” working with several clients at once. As Sam Fletcher recently pointed out, PR execs are listed as having the seventh most stressful job out there according to this year’s CareerCast survey. That said, we here at Matter have endeavored to find the… Read more »

Missing in Action

 At the turn of every year, many industries take a step back and lament on the year just passed. The PR industry is no different and Business Insider recently took a look at the 11 biggest PR disasters of 2011. The list is pretty comprehensive, and it outlines all the biggest PR goofs and gaffes I’d compile for the year, but I’m left wondering: where the… Read more »

The year ahead: What PR pros need to keep in mind as we enter 2012

Like most people, I entered this New Year with hopes to improve upon last year. As I was strategizing these goals, most of which included my career, I stumbled across an article on PR Daily, “New Year’s Resolutions for PR and Marketing Professionals.” Most of the resolutions in the article include things I was already taught during my first year at Matter, but all are important… Read more »

Matter Video Production – 2011 Highlights

Happy New Year! During 2011 we had the opportunity to work on many exciting, creative video projects with clients in a wide array of industries, from high tech to consumer products. Each project had unique technical and creative challenges, and this video gives just a taste of that work. Matter is a results-focused agency and our video production services help our clients reach their goals –… Read more »