Month: February 2018

What’s New in the World of Social Media? 2.23.18

The constantly evolving world of social media is ever-changing and marketers, business owners and even the daily Facebook user should be aware of the updates. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog to get the monthly news and updates on all things social media sent right to your inbox. Let’s see what happened this past month.   Facebook Acquires Confirm Confirm is a Boston-based startup… Read more »

The Recipe to Search Marketing Success in Higher Education

Prospective students aren’t just surfing online; they’re living there. It’s important to implement a paid search campaign for your institution to ensure your school appears in the search results from the time students are conducting their initial search for colleges, to their last search before application. But how do you ensure your paid search campaign is successful? Driving success from a paid search campaign is no easy… Read more »

Life Before Public Relations: How First Jobs Make an Impact

When your parents tell you to get a job at 16 years old, the last thing you’re usually thinking about is how this will affect your career after college. But it’s those first positions that set the stage for experiences that will shape your career – though not necessarily how you’d expect. I got my first job while I was in high school as a receptionist… Read more »

Building Brand Content Around Being Human

In an ever-changing, constantly bustling world where everyone seems to be connecting and disconnecting with content simultaneously, getting engagement can be a confounding battle. In the midst of all of this, human connection through storytelling can be one of the best tools in conveying your brand’s story “person to person.” There’s been a surge of simplicity with branded content, getting back to basics around what it… Read more »

A Deep Dive Into This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

Well, that stung. For a Patriots fan out of water living on the West Coast, Super Bowl LII was an emotional rollercoaster, culminating in championship derailment. Witnessing my hometown New England Patriots come within inches of a sixth league title was a natural cap on the well to my young, albeit fruitful, tenure as a Boston sports fan. But, I’m over it. I swear. Now on… Read more »

Being a PR Generalist Has Its Perks

Now more than ever, it’s important for PR professionals to be versatile and agile – to move between industries seamlessly. While developing a speciality in one area certainly has its advantages, the PR generalist is one of the most nimble and necessary communications professionals out there, bridging B2C and B2B communications with H2H (human to human) strategies.   WHO Who is the PR generalist? They’re the… Read more »

Precision Grows Up

Can a world-class public relations program be shrunk, Alice in Wonderland style, to fit in the pocket of an organization looking for focused brand communications? Well, yes. That’s exactly what we do. Matter’s Precision group accomplished this feat of scale, simultaneously focusing programs to become more attainable while growing agency revenue, client base, and capable staff.   Precision focuses topnotch PR and marketing to fit any… Read more »