3 Glaring Reasons to Look for a New PR and Social Media Firm

By Scott Signore

The writing is on the wall, as they say. When something’s not right with your PR firm, the problem isn’t always easy to pinpoint, but eventually it becomes glaring – if you know where to look.  Here are three reasons why you should start looking for a new PR and social media agency:

First, if you firm is complacent – and doesn’t enthusiastically embrace opportunities to help you achieve your communications and business objectives – then it’s time to find a new PR partner. Energy and effort are HUGE in our business, and opportunities need to be pursued and capitalized on when they are presented and available. If creative thinking is met with a sour response, or high-profile media opportunities are not seized aggressively, then you should sail your ship in other waters.

Second, if your firm isn’t yet developing content for a variety of media channels, then it’s time to move on. Our communications category has evolved – that’s clear – and content creation is king. It’s the whole royal family, to be honest. Clients should be able to rely on one agency to help best penetrate traditional media and social media – and having an in-house creative services team is critical to keep the content marketing engine firing.

Finally, despite the evolution in the category and the number of significant changes the PR business has endured over the years, it’s still about executing a communications program that helps drive business. To that end, look for another PR and social media agency partner if your current group is not directly supporting your business objectives. There must be a correlation between a smart and strategic plan, and measureable results that have directly contributed to helping the business succeed. Be certain your agency knows what needs to be accomplished, develops a strategic plan for generating results, and executes well. Or, look for another agency partner.

I’m highlighting a few of the obvious reasons to find a new firm – but what else could I add to this list?