3 Ways Video Helps With PR

By Scott Signore

The statistics are everywhere: people are hungry for online video. Overall, research estimates that video views among Internet users grew by 23% this year. If you think that number is going to recede any time soon, you’re likely also banking on the fax machine as the future of marketing.

So what has this to do with public relations? Here are three ways engaging video can help with any public relations efforts:

 1.       On social channels, posting videos increases engagement by 100 percent or more, depending on which survey you read. So, if 50 people click on your text-based post, on average, then you can expect 100 clicks if you include video. More clicks means more chances to attract buyers of your products and services. More eyeballs is good PR.

 2.       News outlets are always hungry for great video content that their readership will click and share. If you understand the media landscape for your company, and actively identify the sites and blogs that accept video, you can essentially develop a syndication network for your content. That’s powerful, but the key is that the video has to be entertaining or otherwise add true value. Sales pieces aren’t going to fly.

 3.       Quality video can effectively humanize a brand by bringing the viewer “into the fold.” When fans, prospects and others are able to see your culture, hear your leaders talking and experience a slice of life from your company, they feel more invested in your success and are more likely to buy from you – or want to work for you.

The key to all of this is the quality of the video. More is better, but quality always trumps quantity when it comes to using the power of visual imagery for public relations.

What other ways do you use video for PR?