4 Ways PR Agencies Capitalize on Snow Days

By Scott Signore

It’s snowing. Again.

While it’s easy for some folks to get frustrated by the weather, I look at a snowy day when I can’t get into the office as an opportunity to make some progress on the to-do list. Considering that I’m located in New England, these snow days happen often in the winter! When I work from home due to weather – like you might be doing today – I take advantage of the situation and get things done. Here are a few ways that PR and social media professionals can make the most of a day when you can’t make it to the office:

First, clean your inbox. Take full advantage of fewer interruptions and tidy up. It’s likely that your inbox is the central nervous system of what happens in your organization and across your teams, and a day at home may help to keep that system in good, functional shape.

Second, shut down your email (and other process interrupting devices!) and finally address that long-overdue writing assignment. Cherish the quiet time, channel some creativity and get it done! There’s no better time, really, and you’ll show up in the office the next day having checked something significant off of your to-do list. (Blogger note: don’t forget to fire-up your email when that writing assignment is complete!)

Third, use the time to research the top-tier targets on your media list, and dig deeper than you normally do. Research priority topics, article trends and key care-abouts, and pull together a strategy for getting the media result you and your clients seek. With fewer interruptions you may find the sought-after nugget of information that provides a channel for editorial success.

Fourth, get organized for the rest of the week. Inevitably, your snow day will come to an end and soon after you will be on your way into the office. Take a good look at the calendar and think of ways you can contribute (even more!) to the commitments you see. I’m certain your colleagues and clients will appreciate the extra effort.

Finally, end your day early and have a beer in the comfort of your own home. You can toast to your colleagues and clients, and you should reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished! And listen, no one will know when you have that first beer!

What do you do to get ahead on a snow day?