4 Ways Video Can Amplify Your Annual Event

By Tim Bradley

It’s that time of year: you’re beginning to plan your company’s high-profile annual event that happens…well…annually. From location logistics to the run-of-show, invitations to the open bar – and even cementing this year’s sure-to-be-inspiring theme – there are many things to plan and consider. But what’s the best way to get the word out about your amazing event? And how do you keep the energy palpable throughout the program? Here are four ways in which video can amplify your annual event.

1. Make Video Your Voice Early and Often

Repurposing last year’s content to create a new mission statement hype video tailored to this year’s event is a great way to attract your audience’s attention. Or, simply rebrand last year’s published event recap videos with new event branding and call-to-action. Don’t have content from last year? Use motion graphics to emphasize your messaging for the event. Additionally, getting really short – think 10 seconds or less – is a simple but effective way to to beat the drum in the weeks leading up to the event.

2. Make a Splash Out the Gate

Have a keynote speaker? Produce a documentary-style video with him/her a few months in advance, and the use it as pre-roll during the event. This is an exciting way to provide background context as a lead-in to introduce the keynote speaker live at the event. And as a bonus, this video would become a great piece of owned-content that could be used to promote the event in advance and/or to live in perpetuity on your YouTube channel after the event.

And to build the hype – and keep it – throughout the event, create a sizzle-video that introduces the key players and concepts. Consider using stylized motion graphics to kick-off the whole event and set the tone. Then, create shorter videos with the same aesthetic to segue from one subject matter to the next. This cohesive approach will impress your attendees and keep your event energized.

3. Build Video Content INTO Your Event

Video is arguably the best way to set the stage for new speakers, subject matter and talking points. That – and no offense – it also breaks-up the monotony of one person talking after the next. Here are a few videos to consider building into your event program:

  • Success story videos will give your audience key insights from business partners and clients and a behind-the-scenes look into that relationship and results.
  • Video is a great way to honor a person or group; the emotional impact will leave a lasting impression on your attendees.
  • Announcing a new product or service? A video explainer will not only provide the high-level details, but more importantly emphasize the importance and excitement of this new endeavor for your company.

4. Capture Video AT Your Event

At this point you’ve spent many, many hours planning your event. And all your employees and/or partners are attending. All at the same place. At the same time. You’d really ought to take advantage of that with video.

The obvious is to record video of the place, people and activities surrounding the event. Man-on-the-street interviews will capture not only the key messaging of the event, but the raw emotion and excitement of the experience through the attendees’ actual voice. Combine that with flashy, fast-paced b-roll, and you have an engaging piece of content for use on social as a recap, and/or as a promotional piece for next year’s annual event (see bullet #1). That, and it’s the perfect evidence to show the internal higher-ups the success of your event planning. Kudos to you!

Some of our more ambitious clients go a step further and have us edit content on site; either as daily recaps for social engagement, or as the final piece of content built into the program on the last day of the event (see bullet #3). The latter is an amazing way to leave your audience energized and ready to tackle the next year’s business directives.

Additionally, we encourage our clients to dedicate a space or room to record professional interviews. As the schedule of the event allows, you can take advantage of having the C-Suite, partners/clients, and/or employees all in the same place to capture content that can be used later for thought-leadership, testimonial, or recruiting purposes, respectively. Messaging wise, these interviews can be totally independent from the event, providing longer shelf-life videos for your business.

In the end, if you produce video content in any/all of these four ways, you’re setting yourself up for success by effectively being able to repeat the cycle next year; having video content produced at this year’s event will better position you for the following year, and so on and so forth. And most importantly, prospective attendees will thank you for it.

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