4 Ways Visuals Help Win PR Business

By Scott Signore

These days it’s impossible to find an article written about our business that doesn’t cover the emphasis currently being put toward visual story telling.  It’s an exciting part of a PR and social media gig, and should be a big part of every agency new business pitch.  Here are a few ways to leverage visual content to help pitch prospects:

First, work with your in-house video producers to develop a “draft” video that supports the theme of your pitch, and use that content to further support a specific point during your meeting. You may slightly miss the mark on the tone or vibe of the video – occasionally that happens – but the effort and the investment will be appreciated and will demonstrate how your PR agency employs visual images to positively impact any communications initiative.

Second, pepper your recommended communications program with smart and provocative graphics, videos and images. Propose a monthly webinar hosted by your client’s key spokesperson, or spice up the distribution of a press release with an accompanying infographic that helps tell the story. Or, develop and distribute a logo or icon that represents the category you are creating. In all circumstances, recommend a stream of visual content that will help you and your team better tell the prospect’s story. (A steady flow of visual content is key. One-offs aren’t going to cut it in today’s content-hungry world. Visual content should be included throughout any smart program, and it should be front and center during a new business pitch.)

Third, work with your in-house graphic designer to be certain that your presentation is perfect. In addition to being packed with sound, smart and creative ideas, it should be visually strong. Quite simply, it must look good – and it should help convey whatever message you are trying to deliver. Basic graphic design fundamentals exist for a reason, and they should be employed when assembling your final presentation.

Finally, leverage some of the content discussed in the meeting for a follow-up visual deliverable. Include a video via email, a graphical representation of a key metric or send a crisp clean infographic via FedEx. In any circumstance, you are reminding the prospect of the content-rich discussion that occurred in the meeting, and the fact that you have the capabilities to deliver supporting materials whenever necessary.

What tips do you have for leveraging visual content as part of the new business process?

[Blogger’s note: Clients here at Matter have the luxury of being able to leverage Studio-C by Matter Communications, our in-house creative services team. That team has a continuous dialogue with those pitching new business and running client account teams, and that relationship makes for improved visual content that support both client and new business initiatives. It’s seamless, really, and has benefits that are both programmatic and budget-related. And, the award-winning deliverables are top-notch.]