5 Reasons Why I Love PR

By Scott Signore


We’re on the eve of Valentine’s Day weekend, and it’s an appropriate time to share some perspective as to what I love about working in a bustling PR agency. There’s plenty to say about my beautiful wife and my dynamite daughters, but instead I’m staying focused and sharing five reasons why it’s easy to love this gig:

First, you meet a lot of different people. If you like variety, working at a PR or social media firm is the gig for you. Clients, colleagues, partners, vendors – the list goes on! If you hang your hat in an active and vibrant PR or social media shop, then you connect with lot of different people who come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, which keeps the gig exceptionally interesting!

Second, a PR agency gives you the opportunity to dabble in a number of industries without necessarily making a career-long commitment. You can transfer your PR and social skills when you are assigned to a new account, and then see if you develop an affinity for the new category of business. And, you can have a role in growing business in a number of industries, simultaneously, which is so exciting.

Third, a PR agency that has senior and experienced managers who are also good teachers gives young professionals a channel for learning and growing. These junior folks can learn from working closely with managers on different teams who have varying management styles, while at the same time learning all there is to know about the rapidly evolving category in which we work. You learn organization and operational processes, while earning your stripes doing client work. It’s a good balance, and something that’s less common in the wider business world.

Fourth, working at a PR agency should be fun, and you should immediately get to a new agency if you aren’t having fun at your current shop! Beyond the typical social commitments of lunches and drinks at the pub, PR and social media shops prioritize building relationships and collaborating with colleagues, so time together – no matter how the time is spent! – is encouraged. At some award-winning agencies (ahem!), activities like yoga, basketball and golf, among many others, are enjoyed by the group, together. It’s about working hard together, but having fun along the way, and it’s a reason why I love hanging my hat at a PR agency.

Fifth, it’s a hugely exciting time in PR and social media, particularly if you consider the trend of telling a client’s story visually. There are so many ways to incorporate creativity in the process of reaching key audiences and helping a client reach communications and business goals – and it’s so exciting to be able to brainstorm ideas and implement programs that are out of the box, but impactful.

Finally, it’s the feeling you get when you are part of a team achieving objectives; everyone pulling in the same direction for growth that allows for new and exciting clients, teammates and corresponding activity. It’s a thrill to be part of an agency trending upward, as you know that you are making contributions that make a real difference to your clients’ businesses and the health of your agency.

What am I missing, and what do you love about working at a PR agency?