5 Reasons Why Video Is Your Strongest Marketing Tool

By Matter

Introduce and excite. Explain and convince. Connect and amplify. With Video.

Video can do it all, and over the past several years, it has become the king of online communication. It condenses your message into minutes or seconds, and then distributes it across platforms and around the world instantly. Now, more than ever, it has become the go-to tool in the marketing world — but why? Here are five reasons.


1. Video Is Universal

The visual nature of video means everyone can understand the message — no matter the audience’s language or background. Approximately 75% of a video’s message is understood through the pictorial content rather than the words spoken. This means an exciting, captivating video can influence any viewer. Even if they have the volume off, as many social media users do nowadays.

2. Video Conveys A Lot, In A Short Amount of Time

Utilizing such a vibrant medium gives the video creator the opportunity to convey a lot of information succinctly. Even though people watching corporate videos tend to zone out around the 2-minute mark, you can still pack a punch into that minute of play time. You can introduce your company’s CEO, your culture, a new product or even your mission within this short timeframe.

3. Video Portrays Your Brand Better Than Words On a Page

Unlike communicating a message purely through words, video conveys emotion, shows identity and elicits creativity to elevate your brand’s image. The viewer can absorb the culture, message and overall feeling of a company in a matter of seconds. While blog posts, articles or other thought leadership pieces portrays voice, video gives that voice a face. To head off the viewer’s fleeting attention, create captivating content and ensure every word in a video is motivated, and every action carries importance.

4. Video Empowers Connection  

Marketing is all about reaching your audience. But even the best prose will sometimes fail to resonate with your target. Have you ever tried reading Shakespeare versus seeing a play? With video, you can establish trust in a way you simply can’t with text. It’s incredibly powerful for your clients or customers to watch someone testify why your company excels at what you do.

5. Video Enables Engagement and Ensures ROI

With the right strategy and KPIs, video can be your top performing tool for ROI. In fact, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the highest ROI. Take a look at the numbers! There are astounding statistics surrounding video and conversion rates, including how enjoying video ads can increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% — proving that video is truly one of the top engaging platforms.


The marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade — and video is at the center of it all. In this fast-paced world with diminishing attention spans, video gives companies the opportunity to capitalize on viewers’ desire to learn about their business and culture. Ready to see how video can elevate a brand?

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