A 21st Century Wedding…of Royal Proportions

By Matter

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Royal Wedding happening later this week. On Friday, April 29th Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie the knot at Westminster Abbey.

This marks the first Royal Wedding of the digital age. More than one billion people worldwide are expected to watch Prince William and Kate’s big day on TV. That’s a major uptick from the 28.4 million viewers who tuned in to see Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed back in 1981.

Today, there are more media channels than ever to keep people across the globe, not only looped in, but also engaged with all things Royal Wedding.

Predictions have already been made that the volume of tweets on Twitter during the Royal Wedding will reach record heights. The volume of tweets during the big day is anticipated to surpass the current record of 5,000 tweets per minute after the death of Michael Jackson in 2009.

If you’re a Facebook junkie, then you probably already are one of the 345,000 people that “Like” The British Monarchy Facebook page. Perhaps you’ve even added a comment to a post about Buckingham Palace.

If you really want to feel like you too are a part of Prince William and Kate’s special day, then you can add your name and message to The Wedding Book Facebook app. The messages will be collated and bound into a leather-bound book that will be given to the couple as a “special gift from the public.”  

And, if your schedule permits, you can view the entire wedding ceremony as its broadcasted on YouTube via The Royal Channel, (which already has more than three million channel views).

With all the different options available, how will you be getting your #royalwedding social media fix this Friday?