A long way from the supply closet

By Matter

Next month will mark my fifth Matter-versary. Five years ago I interviewed in our Providence office, a collection of three rooms and a supply closet in a converted mill building on the East Side. That supply closet later became known as “my office.” It’s with great pride that I reflect on how far we have come in a relatively short amount of time.

In five years, we have….

  • Moved our Providence office twice to accommodate our growing team and expanded our Newburyport office space at least five times
  • Secured client placement on The TODAY Show more than ten times
  • Joined Facebook (and I quit MySpace)
  • Grown from 15 to 50 professionals
  • Retained 98% of our clients
  • Celebrated 9 weddings and welcomed 10 babies into the world (plus, there’s one more on the way)
  • Helped our clients attract more than one million fans to their varying social networks
  • Watched the Red Sox win 1 World’s Series, the Bruins win 1 Stanley Cup, the Celtics win 1 NBA Championship and the Patriots lose 1 Superbowl
  • Consumed 3,568 pints of beer, 1,327 bottles of wine and 7,331 slices of pizza*

My mother has worked for the same company for nearly 20 years. Those are the sort of things you just don’t hear anymore. While I’m not so sure I’ll be posting on Matter Chatter 15 years from now, I can say that I will remain connected to my Matter colleagues many years after my last Matter chapter. This is the sort of place and they are the sort of people you want to stay connected to. Under our roofs you’ll find some of the smartest, savviest professionals in the business, but more importantly you’ll find some the coolest, kindest people you’ll ever meet. So as I look back on the last five years at Matter, while I appreciate the paycheck and the experience, it’s the people I’ve met that I’ll cherish the most.

So think back. Where were you five years ago? What have you accomplished? And when you look back many years from now, what will you remember most clearly from this time? Share in the comments!

*I made this up completely