Ad hoc conversations

By Scott Signore

Walking through our office kitchen yesterday morning I caught a glimpse of Tim Hurley, one of our new guys, talking with Matt Landry, one of our old guys. (The latter doesn’t mind that label – it’s a point of pride if you happen to be Employee Hire #3 at a nine year-old agency.) That moment provided another example of why I’m thrilled that Matter Communications officially acquired ThinkMedia PARTNERS earlier this week. As a result of this acquisition, our agency instantly adds more depth of experience, points of view, personalities, etc., and we’re better because of it.

The sum of our many individual contributions results in success here at Matter, and that has always been the case. We value individual experience and cherish the unique perspective each member of our team presents. We are a better agency because our teams consist of diverse professionals with two years of this; four years of that; and six years of something else.  When you add all those valuable lessons, relationships and industry knowledge into a team of creative professionals – you become capable of producing results across the widest range of markets.   Every new team member who adds his or her achievements to the mix at Matter helps make us a stronger and more attractive agency.

It’s a special week here at Matter – that’s for certain. Our agency’s growth and development has been accelerated by the arrival of Tim and the rest of the team from ThinkMedia PARTNERS.  Theirs was a group that was having success and reaching its goals well before Tim and I had a good talk over a long lunch. We are so fortunate to have these professionals join our agency, and to combine two organizations that clearly excel and take pride in what they do. With both teams sharing common professional principles – a research-based approach, content-rich communications, etc. – and an unwavering prioritization of client service, we know that the chemistry will be right and our clients will recognize it daily.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and the years beyond; to executing smart and strategic programs on behalf of clients who demand results, and to accomplishing even more with the tremendous group of professionals who call Matter their second home.  Most of all, I’m looking forward to many more of those incredibly gratifying moments when our past and present teams come together to create something great.