An At-Home Guide to Content Creation Part II: When to Consider Animated Videos

By Gabe Gerzon

Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing new resources that can empower you to continue creating impactful, “at-home” marketing content for your organization during this unusual time. Welcome! Today is Part II, “When to Consider Animated Videos.”   

In the current climate of travel restrictions and trade show cancellations, on-location video recording looks unlikely in the near-term. This reality is forcing us all to pivot and think creatively about how we can continue to deliver impactful content for our clients and audiences. Motion graphics and animation are well-suited to our current climate, since the entire process can be completed remotely. From scripting to creating style frames to sourcing the voice over and actually “pushing pixels,” every step can be done from a single location. If you’re not super familiar with animation, here are some timely, popular animated video offerings to help you determine if a motion graphics project is the right next step in your evolving marketing efforts.

(Digital) Event Support

Has your big event gone completely digital this year? A kick-off video is more important now than ever to set the stage and inspire your virtual attendees. Plus, you can reuse many of the assets in the kick-off as high-quality interstitials and design elements to make the rest of your event feel cohesive and professionally polished. If the event is important to your organization, it’ll require high-quality video to kick it off.

Product Explainers & Demos

Instead of giving an in-person demo, you can employ motion graphics to highlight the key features and benefits of your product. And if you don’t have a physical product that’s easy to point cameras at, animation can bring the value of your offering to life in crystal clear vision. Even with a physical product, sometimes your product’s differentiator is difficult to convey visually – like this contact lens explainer video, ironically!

Company Sizzle Videos

Be it yearly or quarterly, your company has impressive milestones and results to showcase. By using media hits and repurposing assets (B-Roll video, iconography, photos) from your archive, you can energize your staff and stakeholders by creating an exciting sizzle video that highlights your recent activities and accomplishments.

Thought Leadership

Now more than ever, your audience is looking to your company for leadership and a clear-eyed assessment of your industry’s future. Thought leadership videos help differentiate your company by showcasing your experience and expertise while offering genuine value to your audience.

Customer Success Stories

Few assets are more valuable to your company than solid third-party validation, and nothing sells that authentically better than a video. Even if your clients are unable to be on camera for on-site testimonials right now, motion graphics and animation are a great way to provide third-party advocacy and tell a compelling, trust-building story to your audience.

In closing, animation and motion graphic projects offer a plethora of advantages in the current climate where social distancing and working from home is the new norm. Did any of these offerings pique your interest? At Matter, we specialize in motion graphics, animation and so much more. If you’re looking for some extra hands and expertise, fill out the form below to schedule a free strategy call with our team.