An At-Home Guide to Content Creation Part III: Repurposing Your Content Library

By Rhidian Pentz

Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing new resources that can empower you to continue creating impactful, “at-home” marketing content for your organization during this unusual time. Welcome! Today is Part III, “Repurposing Your Content Library.” 

See Part I: Tips for Shooting Smartphone Video, and Part II: When to Consider Animated Videos

A whirlwind of news has unfolded during the past couple of weeks, and many businesses have an immediate need to reassure, communicate, and update their customers and clients. But whether your business is big or small, most live-action video production is on pause. Because of the limited access to new video production, this is a great opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with your current libraries and repurpose existing content — it’s a cost-effective way to create something new from the old! 

Get To Know Your Existing Content Library

Start by scrubbing through your existing library of video, audio soundbites and photos for segments that are reusable. Look for innocuous video clips, those without visible brand logos or other sensitive material, and certainly highlight your people in action. While doing this, consider adding a label or a keyword for future searches, such as “repurpose” or “evergreen,” as most of these assets can be repurposed for your future needs.


Geographical clips are a great starting point. Geography is typically depicted in a video, so adding a short montage of previously captured city or nature footage can help move your story. Cityscapes can help visually identify a business’s headquarters, indicator of global scale or act as a transition.

TIP: Text or motion graphics are also an effective option to place over landscapes and cityscapes, since they’re not usually competing with other text on the screen. Learn more HERE.

Source Stock Video and Imagery

If your business doesn’t have a robust video library, there are several affordable stock video and image websites video production companies utilize on a regular basis to fill gaps in the available footage. Many sites provide a great range of videos that can meet your brand’s aesthetic, and are available at an affordable price with a subscription. 

You can also get really creative with images! Adding a little motion to a still photo or applying a texture to the background of a title sequence makes for a more dynamic video and can help reinforce your brand identity.

We recommend Unsplash for royalty-free photos:

Keep in mind, you don’t always need a sequence of cinematic shots to create a powerful or emotional video. Assembling an assortment of clips or even mixed media can pack a punch as much as a high-end production. And at the end of the day, it’s the message that’s most important and timely.

Employ Video Editing Software

If you’re in need of video editing software, there are plenty of affordable or free options. Adobe offers free trials for anyone with a PC or Mac.

The Rise in Crowdsourcing

People adapt. Resiliency has been a noticeable driver during the recent weeks. So, take advantage of the available creative tools and various platforms to showcase your business’s involvement in the crowdsourcing movement. Companies have utilized different applications to meet virtually in order to communicate their goals and strategies. Although virtual, these group interactions have already proven their ability to promote a fresh spin on an otherwise stale business approach. These recorded internal and external communications can certainly be leveraged to create a montage for your company. And with the authentic approach, it can serve as a source of inspiration to others. 

HERE are a few tips and best practices for recording video content on your smartphone.

Remain Creative

While your production capabilities may be put on hold, finding a new home for your existing material is not only essential during these moments, it really heightens your creativity and develops a visual memory of your content library. What do you own? How can you create or manipulate it in a different, functional way? This may be a new approach for some, old-hat for others – but remember, this creative exercise will help you remain active and even more productive when you hit the ground running after these constraints are lifted. If you’re looking for some extra hands and expertise, fill out the form below to schedule a free strategy call with our team.