An At-Home Guide to Content Creation

By Tim Bradley

Resources to Empower Your Brand to Create Impactful Marketing Content from Home

Amidst the new work-from-home world, Matter’s robust creative and video teams developed a series of guides to help clients create rich, impactful content using smartphones, webcams, podcasts, animation and more – all from the comfort of home. Check out each post in the series below.

1. Tips for Shooting Smartphone Video

While professional production value and polish is still critical to most forms of video, the current situation presents a fantastic opportunity for your organization to step it up in the DIY video-shoot department. The great news is that you and your colleagues already have fully capable smartphone cameras in your pockets. Read the full post here.

2. When to Consider Animated Videos

Motion graphics and animation are well-suited to our current climate since the entire process can be completed remotely. Here are some timely, popular animated video offerings to help you determine if a motion graphics project is the right next step in your evolving marketing efforts. Read the full post here.

3. Repurposing Your Content Library

Because of the limited access to new video production, this is a great opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with your current libraries and repurpose existing content — it’s a cost-effective way to create something new from the old. Read the full post here.

4. How to Look Great on Your Webcam

If you’re currently working remote, you’re very likely being encouraged to use video conferencing more frequently and for the foreseeable future. But, perhaps you’ve noticed or been distracted by how unflattering your webcam presence is. To be candid, webcams aren’t exactly flattering. However, with a few tricks, you can significantly improve how you look, so you can stop worrying about your appearance and focus on the task at hand. Read the full post here.

5. Tips for Launching Your First Podcast

As unsteady as this current moment in marketing may be, it presents a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in ways that are new and novel. Podcasts aren’t just for celebrities, comedians and solo entrepreneurs anymore – and haven’t been for some time. No matter your industry or size, podcasts can help position your company as a thought leader and are proven to boost brand awareness, affinity, SEO, favorability and purchase intent. Read the full post here.

6. Embrace the Power of UGC

With “RECORD” buttons gathering dust on most professional video cameras these days, there’s never been a better time to add user-generated content (UGC) to your brand’s marketing mix. User-generated videos are sensitive and appropriate to this challenging moment, and offer tremendous potential for engagement and shareability when executed well – you’ll just want to keep a few tips in mind along the way. Read the full post here.

7. Why Your Brand Needs Audiograms

An Audiogram is essentially the video-ification of a quote. It marries a short piece of audio with visual elements such as images, graphics, and (most importantly) animated subtitles and waveforms to reinforce the spoken word. The video can be used to share important audio messages where audio files by themselves aren’t supported – like every major social media platform. Read the full post here.

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