An Infographic on Infographics?

By Matter

What’s trending on Twitter? In addition to the #SAGAwards and #GetHappy at the moment, infographic posts are another hot commodity on this social platform. In fact, posts linking to infographics outweigh the number of traditional posts by nearly tenfold. The increasing popularity of infographics coupled with the rise of social media have contributed to these visual representations going viral, fueling the need for instantaneous results. Whether you’re enhancing your social media, technology or health story, infographics are here to visually enhance your message (and so is Studio-C).

Okay – so they’re popular on social media, but how successful are infographics? Let’s turn to—yes—an infographic on infographics courtesy of Mashable, which breaks this down to a science, and offers insight on infographics in recent history:


Are you burned out on infographics? Are you a fan? What’s the best one you’ve seen recently?