And thank you, Matter Chatter

By Matter

Over the past month and a half, I hit the road for several weeks traveling on behalf of one my clients to media train local spokespeople and staff interviews with local print and broadcast outlets.

The time away from home wasn’t one I initially embraced but once I was through airport security, sipping my Pumpkin Spice Latte and completed some trainings and interviews, I quickly realized the rewards. For three weeks I focused on being the best possible in-the-field resource for my clients. In the trainings, I taught media basics and helped our spokespeople understand why we craft messages the way we do and what to expect so when they stepped into the interview. In a matter of days I saw the result: polished, professional company spokespeople — some of whom with no prior press experience – beautifully deliver our messaging. A couple more days later I saw that translate into overwhelmingly positive press coverage.

As my time on the road continued, I gained a world of perspective as I met with more members of the company – some of whom had been with the company for 10-20-nearly 30 years. Their experience was invaluable and they were open to sharing their background which provided me with a greater understanding of my client’s customers. Truly eye-opening, the learnings I brought back to my team provided all of us with a more attuned understanding of what it like out there for our client’s field team and how PR can really make a difference on the local level.

When we first launched Matter Chatter, our Commander-in-Chief wrote about the value of meeting in person. Scott’s post came to mind several times over the three weeks away. I’m grateful to have read it as it pushed me to take a step back in the moment and realize the opportunity I’ve been given. So, thanks Scott.