Apocalypse? Sorry, Doesn’t Ring a Bell

By Matter


Wait a minute – both, my Microsoft Outlook calendar and another fastened by a tack above my kitchen sink at home, show I have plans after the 21st of December – the supposed date of the Mayan apocalypse. So, do I cancel grandma’s “holiday party” or try not to be rude and hope the world ends before she offers me her Jello pudding mold?

In light of the Mayan’s finished or unfinished calendar, there seems to be no change of pace in the Matter offices – apparently around here, the word ‘apocalypse’ suggest something other than ‘run for your lives,’ ‘I just spent 5K on an underground bunker,’ or ‘the end of the world.’ Rather, our offices have a distinct and euphoric buzz surrounding end of year results and an eager look ahead to year 2013.

Just this year, we’ve secured great new clients, have had crushing results, welcomed many bright minds, and had fun along the way – not to mention being recognized as one of Boston Business Journal’s 2012 “Best Places to Work”. Which is why it’s no wonder the office is chomping at the bit to get a piece of the New Year.

So, the glow you see coming from Mill #3 isn’t a stockpile of candles and flashlights for an Armageddon, but probably a) the Christmas tree in the kitchen window, and more importantly b) the Matter family ready to end one successful year and begin an even more rewarding and exciting 2013!