Are Business Cards Dead?

By Matter

One of the results of Matter’s recent branding efforts are our newly unveiled, upgraded business cards. (We’re pretty psyched!) As a designer who has worked with many brand identities, I’ve been asked many times if it’s worth going through the effort and cost to continue using business cards in an age of LinkedIn profiles, digital contact cards and all the other social and digital ways we now connect. My answer is always ABSOLUTELY!

Business cards should now be seen as less of a contact sharing vehicle and more as an extension of your brand, as they often provide the first point of contact with your company at a meeting or impromptu introduction. While more information can certainly be found online, nothing surpasses the personal connection of handing a new contact something visual that they also touch and feel. It’s a tangible expression of brand identity that can still be unique and creative in an age of templated profile pages and digital contact forms. A creative real-world connection should be seen as doubly valuable in our online-focussed world.

And while I wouldn’t necessarily advise everyone to go the hyper-creative route with their cards, these examples are pretty rad!