Author: Brendan Pescatore

Google Says, “No More Cookies”: What Marketers Need to Know

Google recently announced yet another delay to the long-anticipated sunsetting of 3rd party cookies in Chrome, from the end of 2024 to sometime next year. While this provides more of a runway for marketers, when the change comes, it will impact more than half of all internet users – yes, you read that right. With user privacy in the spotlight, marketers must pivot strategies. How should… Read more »

A Quick Guide To Google Analytics 4

As we approach July, Google’s 2023 deadline for phasing out Universal Analytics (UA) looms large. For most sites, this means a collection of visitation data will cease, essentially forcing a migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  What’s New in Google Analytics 4? GA4 utilizes an entirely different data model, moving from hit-based events to user-focused conversion metrics. This development by Google is a response to the… Read more »