Author: Gabe Gerzon

Is your podcast a slow burner or a page turner?

The ultimate guide to releasing your branded podcast   Give your team a round of applause. Pat yourself on the back. You just finished recording and editing an entire season of your branded podcast, which is a huge friggin’ deal. And you know what? It came out pretty dang good! But wait, before you blow your entire prosecco budget prematurely, you need to know your work here isn’t done. Check this out: your great podcast deserves an equally great… Read more »


If you’ve already torn through our first batch of smartphone shooting tips and are itching for more ways to wow your prospects and pals with your filmmaking prowess, read on! #1: How to Shoot Sweet Slo-Mo Nothing says “epic” quite like a slick slow-motion (slo-mo) shot of an action-packed scene. But it’s important to understand why and when you’d choose to shoot slo-mo over regular speed… Read more »

Why Your Brand Needs Audiograms

An Audiogram is essentially the video-ification of a quote. It marries a short piece of audio with visual elements such as images, graphics, and (most importantly) animated subtitles and waveforms to reinforce the spoken word.

An At-Home Guide to Content Creation Part VI: Embrace the Power of UGC

Power to the People With “RECORD” buttons gathering dust on most professional video cameras these days, there’s never been a better time to add user-generated content (UGC) to your brand’s marketing mix. User-generated videos are sensitive and appropriate to this challenging moment, and offer tremendous potential for engagement and shareability when executed well – you’ll just want to keep a few tips in mind along the… Read more »

An At-Home Guide to Content Creation Part V: 5 Tips for Launching Your First Podcast

Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing new resources that can empower you to continue creating impactful, “at-home” marketing content for your organization during this unusual time. Welcome! Today is Part V, “5 Tips for Launching Your First Podcast.” See Part I: Tips for Shooting Smartphone Video, Part II: When to Consider Animated Videos, Part III: Repurposing Your Content Library and Part IV: Looking Great Via… Read more »

An At-Home Guide to Content Creation Part I: Tips for Shooting Smartphone Video

Over the coming days we’ll be sharing new resources that can empower you to continue to create impactful, “at-home” marketing content for your organization during this unusual time. Welcome! Today is Part I, “Tips for Shooting Smartphone Video.”     Follow the Rule of Thirds In professional video you’ll notice the subject’s head is almost always placed along the top third-line of the frame. This reliably ensures a… Read more »

4 Things To Get Right When Filming Presentations

Managing the run-up and execution of a live panel event, presentation or speech can be tough. With so much to worry about, it can be easy to forget just how valuable a video version of the presentation will be for the (likely much larger) audience not in the room. Events are ephemeral, but video preserves them as impactful, evergreen marketing resources for your organization.  But if… Read more »

How to Craft a Compelling Video Testimonial — Every Time

Your edit has a charismatic interviewee, beautiful B-Roll, snazzy motion graphics and a catchy music bed. Yet for some reason, the video just isn’t clicking: why is your customer testimonial broken? The answer might be narrative structure; or lack of it. Narrative structure can be thought of as the order in which your messaging points are presented to the viewer, and the content of those messaging… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of On Location Vs. Trade Show Customer Testimonials

“I know our company needs some video customer testimonials to better communicate our value to prospects. But should we capture as many as possible at our annual trade show, or should we focus on shooting just a few on-site at our clients’ offices? What are the tradeoffs and considerations?  What’s the best way to go about it?” We receive questions to this scenario a lot —… Read more »

3 Keys to a Successful Video Review Process

The review or feedback phase of a video project can be the longest and most ill-defined aspect of the video creation process. When your project team and the video marketing agency you’re collaborating with aren’t on the same page, your video can stumble before it’s even out of the gates. After 7+ years and over 500 review cycles under our belt, we’ve identified a few best… Read more »

Customer Success Stories: The Best Tool in Your Marketing Toolkit

The Customer Success Manager, or CSM, is a potent position that’s come to prominence over the past few years in B2B marketing. This emergent role is in direct response to the inherent challenges of the SaaS subscription business model — chiefly customer retention and optimization (e.g., upselling and cross selling). When the growth of your business relies on expanding and optimizing your subscriber base it’s critical… Read more »