Author: Isabelle Wigon

Brand Awareness: Why It’s Not Just for B2C Brands

There’s a lot that goes into driving success for brands. When determining overall business and marketing goals, the biggest objective our B2B clients list is driving actions, like landing page form submissions or scheduling a demo. However, executing campaigns that are designed to drive conversions doesn’t always make sense if your audience isn’t educated about your brand. They won’t be able to quickly recall your company,… Read more »

Why Every Marketing Strategy Should Start with an Audit

Before you go to the grocery store, you check your fridge to make sure you don’t wind up with four cartons of eggs – again. When you build a marketing plan for your brand, you’re going to want to conduct an audit.  Brand audits are the fridge-checks of marketing.  In marketing, audits reveal areas of opportunity, trends in the market, background on an industry, target audience… Read more »

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

It seems like every day there’s a new platform, app, best practice or statistic that will change the game in marketing. Like any industry, nonprofits can take advantage of these trends emerging in the digital marketing landscape. But which trends should you focus on adding into your own nonprofit marketing strategies?  Our nonprofit channel experts scoured key data to share four digital marketing trends that nonprofits… Read more »

Intersectional Feminism in PR + Marketing

As we continue celebrating Women’s History Month and the achievements of women around the world, we wanted to spotlight an important concept all professionals – especially those in PR and Marketing – should familiarize themselves with and incorporate into their daily approaches to both internal and client-facing interactions. Read on as our Women Professionals Circle explores intersectional feminism and why it should inform your brand strategy and communications…. Read more »