Author: Kendall Pope

5 Ways to Take Your Email Strategy to the Next Level

To run an effective email marketing program, it’s important to make sure your organization is utilizing automation to its full potential. Understanding and implementing email best practices can significantly elevate your email strategy and deliver a clear ROI for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing and Communications for the Energy Industry

Working in the energy industry is not always straight-forward. Controversy is never too far afield. That said, there’s no replacing the value of good writing and strong messaging, especially when topics are complex and controversial. Written communications need to be clear, interesting, and engaging. If you’re able to develop clear, engaging messaging be it to communicate a new project, a safety initiative, or your day-to-day operations, the rest… Read more »

A Crash Course in Inbound Marketing and How it Can Help A Business Grow

Whether you are familiar with the term “inbound marketing” or not, you probably are familiar with all of the elements that comprise inbound marketing. While inbound marketing is not a new idea, the term itself is rather new (in the scheme of things). Essentially, inbound marketing is a way of grouping all the digital channels that your organization has direct control over and paying special attention… Read more »