Author: Vanessa Boynton

Matter’s Open Door in 2019

Matter’s Open Door free educational sessions are dedicated to teaching growing companies about earning their own media coverage. As 2019 comes to a close, we’re looking back at our favorite sessions, questions and highlights of the past year. Many thanks to our brilliant hosts – including Alpha Loft, Canopy Ventures, Entrepreneurship for All, Greentown Labs, Startup Boston, Innovate Newport, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Swartz Center for… Read more »

Matter’s Open Door: Nonprofit Edition

Take a full circle approach to announcements in order to maximize visibility. When you issue a press release, make sure you are sharing with key contacts, posting to your website, sharing on social, and incorporating into your donor communications and presentations. Once you secure coverage, make sure you share it directly with your volunteers, your board, your donor relations team, your donors themselves, your constituents –… Read more »

Where to Find Matter: Providence Fall 2018

Ocean Inno Tech Fest (#OITF2018) Thursday, September 13 Matter will proudly display from a tent on the field, and we’ll also be conducting free, individual Open Door consultations. Stop by to meet our team, learn about PR for tech companies, and even get some strategic advice. Purchase OITF tickets here!  

Communications in the Wake of Tragedy

In the aftermath of tragic events, peppered among the grief-stricken are business owners, holding their heads in their hands and muttering, “We make our product to prevent things like this…” In a fog of sadness and frustration, they’ll call their marketing director with an order to get the word out now – fast – as far as he or she can take it. “People need to… Read more »

Matter’s Open Door: Entrepreneur Edition

In May, Matter held an installment of Open Door – a free, multi-hour session where members of our PR and digital marketing teams sit down, one-on-one, with founders and CEOs of growing companies and give them strategic, actionable advice. Below are some of the session’s best takeaways. You’re a solo practitioner. And you intend to stay that way, at least for the near term. Still, your… Read more »

What Really Counts As News?

  Great for media alerts. These milestones aren’t significant enough to knock anyone off the front page, but their urgency still warrants some timely attention from the media. New/re-designed websites Event participation/attendance Webinars or seminars Major product promotions Annual reports eBooks or whitepapers   Great for social sharing and direct customer engagement. Advanced targeting allows you to connect your audiences to the elements of your brand… Read more »

How to Leverage Media Coverage Beyond Publication

  Augment Branded Channels Populate your company blog with announcements, alerts and excerpts from positive news pieces Quotes and excerpts can also be turned into simple graphics for your website and social channels (hint: positive reviews/coverage makes for excellent sponsored social posts) Have your spokesperson publish your bylines and op-eds on LinkedIn Pulse, which delivers your content to a significant audience (just be sure to note… Read more »

Why SEO is Important to Public Relations

SEO has been a well-established practice for many years, yet it remains a mystery even to those thoroughly steeped in the art and science of promotion. This is a problem because the absence of SEO can negatively impact otherwise well-thought-out sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and even brand positioning. With every day that passes, it becomes more and more important for public relations pros to understand the… Read more »

Get Out There on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. All throughout the world, individuals, colleagues, friends, family members, businesses and organizations are showing their support of women with demonstrations that range from gentle encouragement to groundbreaking stands against oppression. I count myself as extraordinarily lucky to work alongside some of the most intelligent, most passionate, most driven women – nay, people – I’ve ever known.  But there are many women… Read more »

What to Do Before Influencers Go Off the Rails

Any brand managers who have seen the news about PewDiePie’s anti-Semitic remarks are asking themselves: what will we do if our brand ambassadors screw up? I hope you haven’t encountered any debacles that have you questioning the future of your work with outside influencers, but – I’m sad to say – the odds are good that you will. Don’t panic. Before you’re ever forced to cross… Read more »

With Great Power: How Hard Questions Improve Brands & Products

I recently read Motherboard’s article on the wave of destruction our increasingly networked lives could usher in. It got me thinking about responsibility – where it begins, where it ends, and which individuals and companies should endeavor to carry the most weight. No matter how novel our ‘smart’ devices may be, they are all contributors to an expanding web; how confident can users be that all… Read more »

Everybody Grab Your Brand Buddy

If any one word could lay claim to the zeitgeist of the last decade, it’s “community”. Obviously “community” has been a core driver of human behavior for millennia, but the past ten years have championed the term as the essence of not only how we market ourselves, but how we operate our businesses. As of a few years ago, it stopped being enough to have a… Read more »

3 Traps to Avoid When Judging PR Success

So you’ve decided your business needs PR. That’s fantastic news, as maintaining great momentum in the media has never been more important, and recognizing that you need a better way to relate to your partners, customers or stakeholders puts you firmly ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, even the most forward-thinking brand managers can fall victim to false assumptions about PR and how it should be measured…. Read more »