BBJ: Matter 3rd Largest Boston PR Agency

By Scott Signore

I’m thrilled that the Boston Business Journal recognized Matter as the third largest PR and social media firm in the Greater Boston area, and that we’ve enjoyed a steady upward trajectory for each year of our existence. It’s a testament to our tremendous staff and our agency’s enterprising spirit. But the story of our success is also intertwined with Boston’s emergence as a true innovation hub, and with a battery of entrepreneurial companies hell-bent on trying to make the world a better place. Matter shares this vision – that a rising tide raises all ships, and that together we are Boston Strong.

We have clients all over the country, but nowhere do we have more insight and penetration into the local economy than in Massachusetts. And what I’ve seen over the past decade, in Boston in particular, is a sustained determination to seize the mantle as one of the world’s truly great centers of technology excellence. The energy is palpable. The optimism is abundant and the opportunities for startups to find a foothold have never been greater.

Our Lunchspotting networking events in Boston are truly kinetic, with executives across myriad industries sharing success stories and forging new relationships. We can’t hire fast enough to fill our Boston office, which is barely a year old and bustling. While nothing is certain, here’s what I truly believe: Boston’s future has never been brighter, and Matter has never been more excited to be an integral part of the storytelling apparatus of this region’s outstanding companies.