Becoming A "Love" Brand

By Matter

We are surrounded by brands everyday, from function to indulgence.  Some we hardly think about, others we choose to become part of their tribal following, but what sets a brand apart, and makes it a “love” brand? We all have brands that we use because they have a connection to us and reflect who we are or want to be. While some of these brands are just small attributes of who we are, the connection is distinct.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful brands that are universal beacons in their categories: Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Starbucks. Yes, they all have consistent brand colors, a strong logo mark and great products, but so do many others that don’t rise to the same level of these examples.  What really separates these brands apart is they have created a lifestyle consumers want to associate themselves with.

All of these examples go beyond the one dimensional logo and find white space within their brand experiences, whether it is walking through a glass paneled door greeted by a product guru, or waiting in line for 15 minutes to order a custom drink in a language you barely understand. When walking through those doors you become that sophisticated, stylish tech user that is carefree yet professional or a cultured, international beverage enthusiast. So when thinking about the brand, in addition to considering the musts,consistency, logo mark, marketing, etc., also consider the live experience that your consumer wants to be a part of. What do they want and how can you bring a “love” brand to life.