Beers & Branding

By Matter

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I’m a sucker for good branding. I usually love something slick and polished and neat. In fact, I’m a marketer’s dream. I’ll buy wine just because I like the label or a shampoo because the bottle is a cool shape. Remember when Miller Lite brought back it’s iconic label two years ago? Well, that’s when I stopped packing my beach coolers with Corona and switched to Miller Lite. It reminded me of the old times, of family backyard barbecue parties and then later, when we’d steal Millers from our parents in high school. Nostalgic branding – I’ll take it. It’s cool, plain and simple. And, on a hot summer day, it hits the spot. The King of Beers recently came out with a new design. It’s a nod to the old while still looking new. And, once again, I think it works. I may just have to pick up some Bud heavies on the way home.

What do you think of the new Budweiser packaging? Does branding make a difference in what you buy?