BREAKING: Matter Acquires Search Marketing Firm

By Scott Signore

Today our PR and social media firm announced the acquisition of Search Maven Media, a New England-based agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

It’s a deal that has been in the works for a while, and it’s something our 65+ clients increasingly need to have in their respective marketing & PR arsenals.

Quality content is the backbone of marketing and PR, but unless it’s expertly optimized, you’ll miss a portion of the audience who should be reading that content. Even with an aggressive media relations campaign, you won’t be able to connect your content to all of the folks who would find that content valuable.

That’s why it’s critical to make it easy to find quality content via organic SEO, and to use SEM techniques to ensure your company’s thinking is front-and-center when prospects and fans are seeking out additional information about products and services similar to yours. But it’s not just about selling: it’s about interacting with key audiences you value and want to know better.

SEO helps with that. SEM helps with that. Together, it’s a powerful supplement to effective PR and marketing programs.

Better yet? Its results are highly measurable. Over time it becomes clear which triggers are driving at-bats on your website, shares on your infographic, downloads of your whitepaper and comments on your blogging program. You can ensure that your message will be seen alongside your toughest competitors, and go to market with more authority when new products or services are ready for prime time.

I’m pumped for our clients who will have an opportunity to capitalize on our in-house expertise, and further encouraged for our teams who will be able to pivot internally and be certain that the time, energy and effort going into all market-ready materials will achieve the best results possible.

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