Building Bridges: Relationships Matter

By Matter

This is just a quick note on relationship bridge-building: always be professional, helpful and generally kind and wonderful to your media contacts. Why?

Because you never know when an editor at a magazine you’re crushing on (Bon Appetit) up and bails in the middle of an opp you’re coordinating with her [momentary fit of disbelief], only to kindly leave you in capable hands to finish the opp [yes, new contact!] and later reveal (using a series of humanizing “!!!!”) that she’s off to lead the charge at a new BuzzFeed vertical – a new food version of BuzzFeed, to be specific [new crush established].

Who’s happy? As happy as I was when asked to “please stay in touch!!!!”? This is a simple lesson in how maintaining positive relationships can lead the way right into new opportunities.

This is also when you know you’re a PR nerd.