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Six PR + Marketing Must-Haves for B2B Brands

And here we are – rapidly approaching the end of the year, taking virtual cover as Year End analyses, Q1 strategic plans and drafts of annual reports fly in all directions. ’Tis the season of discovering where we’ve been and deciding where we’d like to go. Companies across verticals are taking this opportunity to examine their unexpected successes, their continued challenges and how they will communicate… Read more »

Matter Health Conference Recaps

The Matter Health team was fortunate enough to recently attend two major industry events – SHSMD Connections in Chicago and the Women’s Health Innovation Summit in Boston. Both events gathered healthcare leaders, innovators and strategists to discuss the latest in technology, marketing and other hot topics. For those who weren’t able to attend, here are some of our key takeaways from the conferences. Women’s Health Steps… Read more »

Are You AfrAId of the Dark? Our Scariest AI-generated Halloween Costumes for PR/Marketing Pros

You May Live to See AI-generated Costumes Beyond Your Comprehension Spooky season is upon us. And every year, folks like you, dear reader, come to us asking for help figuring out an appropriate costume to wear to work. To avoid scaring your coworkers (or getting a call from HR), we came up with some of the most terrifying marketing/comms-themed costumes your office Halloween party has ever… Read more »

Social Second: October 2023

Welcome to the Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. From Threads post edits to TikTok’s new partnership with Disney, we’re sharing the most important and impactful social stories from October. Click each headline to see the full story. Threads Rolls Out Post Editing + Voice Notes Threads made a lot of noise with its launch this past summer but… Read more »

Why Reputation Management Is Essential In 2024

Reputation management can be easy to push to the side. Your brand is checking the boxes, you’re staying out of the media spotlight and you have happy customers – what’s wrong with all that? What is reputation management, anyway? Reputation management is one facet of crisis and strategic communications, focused on building a strategy to maintain the perception of your brand among your stakeholders. Managing a… Read more »

New SEC Mandate on Cyber Incident Disclosure Is a Crisis Communications Game Changer

The fundamental rule of thumb for crisis communications has historically been three-fold: 1. Move quickly. 2. Act decisively. 3. Communicate transparently. In the best cases, crisis response/communication is a “one-and-done” exercise. When completed thoroughly and satisfactorily, an affected organization and its stakeholders can put the incident behind them and immediately proceed to the business of reputation restoration.

The Secret Sauce Behind Top tier Media Hits

Securing media coverage for your brand is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy. Media coverage boosts brand visibility and enhances credibility while fostering trust among your target audiences. But in a world where countless brands are playing the same game, standing out and capturing the attention of prominent reporters is a challenge.

How Staying Vendor Neutral Strengthens Your Content

Have you ever stumbled upon an article that felt more like a sales pitch? Or exited a webpage halfway through a blog because you were being pushed to buy a product? We’ve all been there. And your customers have, too. For business leaders and marketing executives who feel pressured to deliver results and drive revenue, it can be hard to turn off the self-promotion. But in… Read more »

Social Second: September 2023

Welcome to the Matter Social Second — keeping you current about what’s trending in social media. From TikTok’s labels for AI-generated content to new YouTube creator tools, we’re sharing the most important and impactful social stories from September. Click each headline to see the full story. TikTok Adds AI-generated Content Labels The impact of AI on social platforms continues as they work to implement AI functionalities… Read more »

Media on the Move: September 2023

Like the season’s falling leaves, the media moves have been piling up. From top-tier outlets like ABC News and FOX News, and throughout industries including fashion, entertainment, business and culture, our PR pros are sharing some of September’s biggest moves from reporters, editors and more.   ABC News Lauren Sher has been promoted to director of Good Morning America Digital. Previously, she was the managing editor… Read more »

Ask a PR Pro: How Do I Get the Most Out of My Messaging?

We regularly sit down with a member of Matter’s Precision team to ask how PR professionals can put best practices into action. This month, we asked Senior Content Writer Anne Briner how to get the most out of your messaging. Anne has led numerous value proposition and messaging development programs throughout her career at Matter as well as PwC, Haley & Aldrich and Firstsource. What is… Read more »

How to Newsjack Your Way into Top-Tier Media

While we might not all be familiar with the Roman poet Horace, we all know his famous phrase, “carpe diem.” It’s a great principle to live by, but in PR seizing the day isn’t enough. You need to seize every moment, every trending story, every bit of news you can harness to elevate your client’s standing. We’re talking, of course, about newsjacking. Successful newsjacking demonstrates your… Read more »

Media on the Move: August 2023

With the final days of summer approaching, the “back to school” mentality has been prevalent across industries. And with no shortage of breaking healthcare headlines, August media moves were in full swing for healthcare reporters and editors — from promotions to departures to new employment opportunities. BBC News Global health correspondent, Naomi Grimley, leaves BBC News after 23 years. Previously, Grimley held the posts of political… Read more »