Come to LunchSpotting 4.0 at PayPal in Boston!

By Scott Signore

I’m excited about the 4th Lunchspotting event that we are hosting in conjunction with MITX at PayPal Media Network in Boston’s Innovation District, and here are the two reasons why:

First, everyone eats lunch. Right? At the very minimum, everyone takes some kind of mid-day break. In addition to valuable networking with smart folks from myriad companies – described below – you indeed get a free lunch at LunchSpotting. Life is good!

Second, our LunchSpotting events are zero-pressure networking outings with like-minded individuals who may end up contributing to your business, or you to theirs. While enjoying a tasty sandwich you may meet a prospective employer, employee or business partner, while learning about new resources that can help your business prosper. Lunchspotting events are held deliberately in various locations in Boston’s Innovation District for the purpose of connecting professionals who want to expand their contacts, broaden their horizons and, at the very least, fill their bellies.

Tuesday’s event takes place at the office of the PayPal media network, and the attendee list already looks great. I’m looking forward to saying hello to some familiar faces while introducing myself to a number of professionals I do not yet know, and I hope you are able to join me. (And if so, I’ll buy you lunch.)