Content Marketing: Where Old Can Be New Again

By Matter

In this world of constant hunger for new brand content, it’s simply not enough to recolor your logo every few years and write a press release. These days the people expect all the things; new, shiny, packaged and delivered ka-pow! Straight to their eyes. How do you stand out in such a demanding environment? You’ve been creating content for years already…how do you find inspiration and step it up?

  1. Inventory: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every week/month/year. Start with the content you’ve already spent your time and money on. Bonus points if you’ve categorized it all upon creation…can you find your assets when you need them? It starts with getting organized, and staying that way.
  2. Sort: Let’s be honest, you and me. Not everything you’ve put out there is gold, and that’s okay. But it shouldn’t come as a shock that you should work on your best material first. Sort what you’ve got. More likely than not this process will instigate grand new ideas, maybe even goad you into improving the bottom of the barrel stuff.
  3. Revive: It’s shocking what a fresh coat of paint can do to make your content relevant again. Love your logo? Try adding a tagline. Is your “About Us” page about as exciting as a bowl of leftover oatmeal? Time for a photo shoot! Website just -SO- 2008? The content may be good, but get a new layout.
  4. Refresh: Nothing says ‘new hotness’ quite like creating some fresh visuals. I can feel you already reaching for that blog post that you knocked out of the park, the one with all the insightful comments and hilarious snark. You know what’s really going to bring that back into the spotlight? An infographic. Or better yet, an explainer video. Remember that you’re competing with adorable cats for the soul of the internet.

Today’s two minute attention spans don’t spin up for long blocks of text anymore. What the modern human wants is pictures! Moving pictures! Or at least some some eye-catching pics. Whether it’s in the shape of a gif for your newsletter or full on ‘Meet the team” video, just keep one thing in mind: Everything that’s old can be new again.