Cory Booker, Super Mayor

By Matter

Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J. is not new to the Twitter scene.  He’s long been an example of how politicians can effectively use social media to engage and help constituents. But, in the wake of the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey and New York region last week, Booker has taken his Twitter game to the next level.

Booker took to Twitter following the storm, providing Newark residents with news about the power outages, school closings and where they could turn for help. Many politicians have mastered the art of using social media to disseminate relevant information to followers. But, Cory Booker is not just any politician – this is the guy that saves people from burning buildings (and then tweets about it, of course.) After Sandy, Booker has been responding directly to residents who had questions, offering to bring supplies to those in need and offering inspirational words to residents who were frustrated with their situations. Somehow, he kept a sense of humor through the whole thing too.

So, while Booker may really only have the power to serve those in the Newark area, let him serve as an example to other politicians, brands and individuals on how social media could – and should – be used as a tool to engage your audience.