Disconnect from your mobile phone, reconnect with life

By Matter

A recent national survey commissioned by TeleNav examined Americans’ attachment to mobile phones and the results showed that we are willing to give up many joys in life over our beloved mobile devices. So just how attached to mobile phones have we become?

According to the study, guilty pleasures were among the higher rated items that people would be willing to give up for a week over their mobile phone such as alcohol (70%), chocolate (63%), caffeine (55%) and even sex (33%).

As a PR professional, I consider my mobile phone to be a luxury item that allows me the freedom to step away from my computer while still remaining connected to my clients, family and friends, and the world-at-large. In the ever moving fast paced world of PR, I hold my cell phone in high regard and consider it a necessary tool to perform my daily tasks. But would I give up some of life’s greatest pleasures to in order to keep it? Chances are, probably not.

Others, however, seem to place their iPhone, Blackberry or Android higher on the priority list. In fact, they are even willing to go as far as to give up exercise (54%), shoes (21%) and their toothbrush (22%) all before parting ways with their mobile phone. Health and hygiene is now second to mobile phones? Maybe it’s time to draw the line.

But it doesn’t stop just there. The impact of mobile phone on our lives is becoming personal. From deciding who would make a good match for us (83% of iPhone users thought other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners) to the way we communicate an end to a relationship (18% of smartphone users have ended a relationship via voicemail, text message, email, Facebook update or Twitter post), it’s seemingly apparent mobile phones have become as important to us as our loved ones. Or perhaps even more so as 22% of smartphone users even said they would rather go a week without seeing their significant other than surrender their phone. And they say chivalry is dead.

Advancements in technology have allowed us many things, including our cell phones. And there’s no denying that they have become a part of our daily lives. But before you read another email at the dinner table, or reach for your mobile phone before stepping foot out of bed in the morning, consider this: just what would you be willing to give up. You make the call.