Dispelling a Hiring Myth: Companies Do Hire in December

By Matter

There seems to be a widely held belief that finding a new job in December is next to impossible (think hunting unicorns) and that professionals wanting to make a career change would be best off on focusing on firing up their searches after the New Year.  The reasons cited are many and though not completely unfounded, the reality is that if your business is growing, as Matter’s is, hiring doesn’t stop for the holidays.  For professionals considering a change in 2013, December is the perfect time to meet about new opportunities so you can fast forward to starting out the new year in your new job.  Hiring managers often have more bandwidth around the holidays than one might think, are motivated to fill openings and you’ll be a few steps ahead of anyone who waits to start their search in the new year.

We are actively looking for exceptional PR pros to join our team, so here are just a few reasons to consider making a move to Matter now:

The People – Our people are our business and we’ve built a fantastic group.  Not only will you work with and learn from other talented and motivated PR professionals, but you’ll have FUN doing it.  Take a minute to meet a few of them via video in our employee spotlight series.

The Work – You will have the opportunity to partner with great clients, flex your creative muscles, stretch your skills and develop new ones.  No day will be exactly like another and it certainly won’t be dull.

Growth = Opportunity – Our company is growing and we want people who want to grow with it.  The future is beyond bright at Matter, but you have to be here to be a part of it.

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