Down to the Wire

By Matter

Thoughtful preparation months in advance. Planning phone calls with the client. Carefully crafted press releases and pitches. Emails filled with logistics. No matter how much preparation – whether it’s for a two hour media event, two day media tour or week long trade show – events always seems to come down to the last minute. Events are a crucial part of what we do in the PR industry and a great way to raise our client’s profile in a big way. But even the best planned events have their way of bringing on the stress and down-to-the-wire rush.

What last minute tidbit of information can we use to drum up extra media hype? What last minute media briefing can we secure? What last minute details do we need to confirm? It’s these questions that fill our minds leading up to events, causing that extra little layer of stress, but also the thrill of being in the PR industry.

The added pressure that events bring to execute perfectly and secure those unconfirmed briefings at the eleventh-hour is what makes them so exciting, and preparation so important. Because while we are tying up all those last minute loose-ends, the preparation and planning you started weeks or months ago is what carries you through.

It’s those last minute details that made the event – and got clients the results they desired – but only because all your preparation and hard work well before the last minute put everything else perfectly in place.

What do you find challenging or rewarding about events?