Embarrass a Vet Today by Saying Thanks

By Matter

On this Veterans Day, I’d like to extend a hardy THANK YOU to everyone who has answered the calling to serve our country.  Whether on the sea or below, in a far off desert or right here at home, we keep you all in our thoughts on a daily basis…today is just the annual reminder we have to take time to stop you on the sidewalk and thank you in person. (Yes, we know this is entirely embarrassing for you, but its the best kind of embarrassment!) So THANKS for making such an invaluable commitment to protect me, my family, and the other 300 million of us.

On this day, that we take to say thank you, I wanted to remind all of the military families out there about the Portraits of Love Project. I’ve written about the Project here before, it is a truly wonderful endeavor developed by the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distribution Association (PMDA) and Soldiers Angels which, through December 4th, will continue to connect professional photographers around the country with military families to provide free family portraits to troops overseas for the holidays.  We here at Matter have had the honor to be invited to help out with this effort, one which we do on a pro bono basis of course, and are particularly proud of that effort today.

Thanks to the Portraits of Love Project, up to 10,000 military personnel will receive professional-quality family portraits this winter. For our service men and women who give themselves entirely to our protection, we here at Matter hope that these memories from home will help them get through a particularly lonely holiday season far from home.

Anyone reading this post should share it with their friends and loved-ones serving in the military, post it on your Facebook profile, Tweet it, carrier pigeon it, what ever your chosen media.