End-Of-Year Momentum Matters

By Scott Signore

Like so many before them, the past few days here at Matter have been terrific.  The fullness of Fall – with programs moving forward full steam ahead and planning for next year well underway – always keeps us busy. That being said, the past few business days have been especially terrific. We’ve had lots to do, but it’s positively-toned and contributing to the dynamite momentum.

A few noteworthy highlights from the past week include:

·         A team from Matter traveled to Palo Alto, CA to deliver a creative pitch to a dynamite tech company, and we were awarded that business soon after! It was an excellent effort on our team’s part and we’re thrilled to be working with this significant new client! (Author’s note: the news is so new that I can’t yet share the name of the new client – but will soon!)

 ·       Congressman John Tierney, the Congressman representing our district here in Massachusetts, took a tour of our creative services studio, Studio-C by Matter. He’s enthusiastic about leveraging our video technology so that he can continue to participate in discussions in Washington, and then share his perspective with local and national broadcast audiences. (Our technology allows for live and interactive broadcasts with television stations and networks nationwide.)  It’s exciting for John and his staff, and for all of us!

·         Dr. Jenna Dieter of Healthcare Complete conducted a valuable “lunch and learn” seminar here at our office that addressed the “5 Secrets to Extraordinary Health.” She provided well-timed tips for maintaining well-being, and complemented her visit providing massages to our staff. (A mid-day massage is a nice perk, eh?)

·         Speaking of maintaining good health, we were visited by our agency’s unofficial nurse who administered complimentary flu shots to our staff. We’ll need everyone healthy this winter to maintain our momentum at the start of the year, and I’m thrilled so many of the staff capitalized on this benefit.

·         Leading the way in client program planning, our dynamite team from Tyco Integrated Security met with their counterparts to discuss comprehensive communications plans for the year ahead, including the many ways to work with varying agencies who manage different parts of their overall communications program.

·         We kicked-off some annual and (slightly!) competitive fall season events such as “Tuesday Night Hoop” and an agency-wide food drive that benefits the local branch of the Salvation Army. The basketball games barely resemble the sport, but they do give all of us an excuse for a good run at the end of a long day, and we made this year’s food drive inter-office competitive in the spirit of securing even more donations!

·         And, finally, tonight we’re hosting a small event for locally-based business leaders who have an interest in our creative studio capabilities. In the past few days we’ve been tweaking some details to be certain that we make the most of the visitors’ time, and everyone leaves Matter with a better understanding of who we are and what we do:

Busy days here at Matter, but all of the activity directly contributes to the exciting momentum we are building as we near the end of the year and begin a new one. (And, all of this activity means we need people, so take a look at our careers page and let us know if you think you can help us out!)