Fall is in the Air

By Matter

Although I for one, am sad to say goodbye to summer, there is something refreshing about the change in seasons. And, this week at Matter fall is certainly already in the air. It’s in the cooler breeze blowing off the ocean, it’s in the hours of football watched this weekend (perhaps it’s in the collective groan of colleagues with significant others who insist on these hours of football) and it’s in the shift in client communication and initiatives as we gear up to head into Q4.

This will be my second fall and winter at Matter and if I learned anything from last year, it’s that Q4 results matter. Of course everything we do for our clients truly matters, but Q4 in particular, as it’s our last chance before the close of the year to boost metrics, secure top-tier media hits and firm up relationships with key influencers and targets. For many of our clients, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year and where a majority of planning, finances, campaign initiatives and time is focused. While there is certainly much work to be done, this time of year also brings a rush of being able to more formally quantify and measure a program’s success. While success isn’t always in the numbers and often approached in terms of quality over quantity, I have to admit, I enjoy reveling in Matter and the client’s success by comparing the year-over-year metrics.

It’s with dreams of apple picking and hot cider (and a possible weekend without football) that I accept the shift from summer into fall, gear up for Q4 and anticipate the faster flow of the season. Oh, and I almost forget, as an election year, this is sure to be an even busier Q4. Let’s dive into fall, Matter team, and get those results that make us the top-notch PR agency and professionals we are!