Finding New Ways to Reach Our Audiences

By Matter

As PR pros, we’ve been following the shrinking media market and modifying our strategies with new ways to get coverage for our clients despite a dwindling audience. Pursuing traditional media coverage will often be top priority, but as the number of journalists and outlets lessen, we have to get more and more creative with our messages and find new audiences.

Yesterday, Ad Age noted that one way companies have modified their strategies to the changing landscape is by creating content for and pitching directly to consumers. While Twitter is old news to some people, many companies are only just diving into social media to reach consumers. Many of us have found that one of the best ways to reach new audiences is getting our clients active on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the easiest and fastest growing ways to broadcast news about your client while creating an engaging relationship with consumers. We just launched a new Twitter account for one of my clients and I am excited to see the new audiences our tweets will reach and the conversations they will create.

How are you finding new audiences and engaging consumers?