Finding your PR niche

By Matter

Unless you’re a public relations newbie, you’re probably well aware that there various areas of focus in the PR industry. If your talents are being utilized in-house, then you have the luxury (debatable) of focusing your time and efforts on one industry, but if you work for an agency like Matter, more than likely you’ll work with multiple clients in different industries.

For the sake of your PR career (and life, sanity, health etc.,), it’s wise to try and figure out what area (s) of focus you enjoy working on. Of course, if you’re an intern or in an entry-level PR position, you may not have the liberty to choose your own clients/focus, but it doesn’t mean you can’t begin this wonderful soul-searching process. My PR area of focus was heavily influenced by my personal interests, hobbies, and
long-term career/life goals. Although each individual is different, I think this is a great way to start the thinking process.
Need some help? Below are the top PR concentrations, along with tips on how to determine which focus is right for you!

Consumer/lifestyle: In consumer PR your job is to gain publicity for a particular product or service whether it’s for a company in sports, food, nightlife, alcohol or video games. If you like the possibility of speaking on behalf of a large company, monitoring for industry trends, and speaking directly to the average consumer, you’ll find this industry enjoyable.

Entertainment: Your role is to represent and pitch a celebrity to national and short lead media. This can include clients in fashion, professional sports, music and film. Enjoy reality TV, daytime TV, sports, politics, and celebrity culture? This is definitely for you!

Financial Services: The financial sector has many facets, and can be complex. Here, you’ll mainly focus on providing accurate information to national and trade media. Somewhat technical at times, this industry is for someone that enjoys a regimented schedule, tactical writing and
planning, crisis management.

Healthcare: Since healthcare is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries, choosing this area of focus could be great for your career. Healthcare PR reps serve as liaisons between health organizations and non-profits and the mainstream media, and can potentially work on behalf of hospitals, non-profits, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. Depending on your client, your role as PR rep can
have a greater meaning (saving lives, helping people in need, etc.), which is always a good thing.

Technology: Your PR role in this industry is really dependent upon your client’s product or service. If you’re a techie and are always excited about the latest and greatest gadgets and tech advancements, you’ll probably be great at tech PR. Just be sure to have some experience with
technical jargon, and stay abreast of all things tech.