Four Reasons Holiday Parties Matter

By Scott Signore

Later today, the majority of our staff (and their plus-ones!) will be gathering to celebrate the season.  Like so many agencies nationwide, we’ll share holiday joy by eating, drinking and being merry. After a full year of helping our clients achieve both communications and business success, we’re ready to enjoy a holiday season celebration – and likely, you are too!

Here are four reasons why holiday parties matter:

First, there’s no better time of the year to blow off steam. Q4 is crunch-time, and all of us are required to cram a month of work into a few weeks – and during that period of time we need to be smart, savvy and as buttoned-up as always.

Second, holiday parties build agency camaraderie. If done correctly, you have ample time to spend with the colleagues who mean so much and others who you’d like to get to know better! It’s a chance to catch-up, share stories and unwind – and it’s meaningful no matter the depth of the existing relationship. Inevitably, the agency holiday party will produce  memories that last into the start of the New Year. 

Third, it’s an opportunity to pass along a holiday season wish to the significant others who matter so much. Often the foundation of success is formed from the strength outside of the office, and it’s so true that spouses, family and friends mean so much to professionals who work in high-energy careers. At the very minimum, it’s enjoyable and fun to meet and spend time with the people who mean so much to our staffers, who mean so much to our agency.

Fourth, a well-timed event is the perfect way to end the year and begin a long break and that’s the situation here at Matter. We have some work flexibility beginning tomorrow – the day after the holiday party – and while our hard-working team will be ready to address client needs when they arise, we’re all out of the office until the start of 2014. A party that ends the year on the eve of a significant break from work is one that has celebratory energy and enthusiasm, and I’m looking forward to it!

I am so proud of the work executed by our team this past year, and so appreciative of the energy and effort that has been put toward generating the kinds of results that help our clients succeed. I’m thrilled with the quality of our people, and the way they work. And, I’m honored to end another year as their boss.

Why do holiday parties matter to you?