Fun Update from Matter Boston

By Emily Burns

This past February, Matter Boston celebrated its two-year anniversary at 197 Portland Street. As the fastest growing and largest satellite office, we strive to maintain the same fun, supportive and caring environment our Newburyport colleague so eloquently outlined in her update on Matter HQ. While the Newburyport happenings seem hard to top, we at Matter Boston aim to have just as much fun. 

So, what IS the Boston office like, you ask? Read on to find out what have we been doing to keep the culture afloat.


Fourth Floor

As I said, Matter Boston celebrated its two-year anniversary at 197 Portland Street and how did we celebrate? We took over another floor! Now when you visit the Matter Boston office, you’ll see that we inhabit both the 3rd and the 4th floors. While we’re a short elevator ride away from each other, it’s safe to say that we’re just double the space, double the fun.


Ping pong table

A common occurrence in the Boston office is a 4pm email to your coworkers saying, “pong?” And while we aren’t bringing out the solo cups and cracking open the beers (yet), we work to set aside some time throughout the week to let off some steam and spike some ping pongs at each other during a good old-fashioned game of table tennis. One-on-one matches? Been there. Doubles? Done that. What many of us have found is that the ping of the pong ball bouncing back and forth across the table brings a therapeutic sense into our busy lives and had brought some of us closer, and some farther, together based on the outcome of the game. Olympics 2020, see you there?


St. Patrick’s Day

We came, we saw, we made it out alive without having to drink green beer. St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is like a religious holiday. Whether you’re Irish or not, you’re bound to be knocking back some Guiness and eating Lucky Charms… and that’s just what we did. After branding ourselves with temporary clover tattoos and listening to a bit of Dropkick Murphy’s, we headed to Southie, because we wouldn’t be doing it right if we didn’t. We arrived at STATS hungry, and left with full bellies of fried mac ‘n cheese, nachos and so much more.


March Madness

Ah, March Madness. The only time of the year I ever care about basketball. Much like the rest of the country, 75% of our brackets were botched within the first few games. However, we had a decent amount of Villanova fans in the office, so some folks still walked away happy. As for myself, I will continue to choose UNC no matter their standing because I like to think I bleed baby blue. Who’s to tell me ‘no’?


American Idol

As one of our monthly fun events, Matter Boston decided to put everyone’s singing chops to the test and bond over a little bit of karaoke, American Idol-style. We rented out a private room at the Limelight Stage in Downtown Boston where we had professional lighting, sound systems, and instrumental versions of to boot. Some highlights include a sultry rendition of “You’re So Vain” by Kate Duchaney, and a crowd-pleasing singalong of “Mr. Brightside” by Matter Boston’s newest employee, Jorge Rodriguez.


That’s all, folks! Thanks for tuning in.