Halloween Happenings

By Tim Bradley

To celebrate the fall season, we decided to host a pumpkin carving social. You might think an office pumpkin carving contest would be a time to take it a bit easy, kick back and have fun.  But at Matter Communications, the creativity, hard work and “do it well or don’t do it at all” attitude were brought from the PR business to the carving business (at least for 25 minutes or so).

Enjoy this video tribute to the intrepid souls who made Halloween special in our Newburyport, MA office.  They wore lobster fishing clothes, created balloon shapes, and brought new meaning to the phrase, “carving out quality time.”

All the contestants were talented and deserved applause, and the winner, chosen by an impartial judge, was an extraordinary take on a “Halloween Hamburger.” Here’s a video to give you a glimpse into our recent get together, complete with pumpkin beer, cider donuts and candy corn. Lots and lots of candy corn. Happy Halloween!